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Your business is a cut above the rest, but cementing your reputation as the best is no easy feat.

You feel confident in the quality of your products and services, but you're worried that your brand isn't communicating that effectively. You're finding it challenging to come up with a unique angle that  continuously sets you apart from your competitors and resonates with your audience. Let's collaborate to craft a unique brand strategy that not only engages your audience but also cements your reputation as the best and drives long-term success.

- Lindsey Tan, Director of Operations

She had a great eye for design that matched our vision and our brand, and her expertise showed up in every step. We felt fully taken care of throughout the whole process. Khine really listened to get a sense of what we wanted, which resulted in a website that was better than what we imagined. We truly felt that she cares about our company's success, and hope she'll be available for any of our other future design projects!

- Matt DeWit, CEO Wit Ventures, Inc.

Her results exceeded what we'd hoped for, and her process and communication made the entire experience seamless. I'd highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a great experience and results matching their goals.

- Ellie Hall, CEO of Ellie Hall, LLC

Khine's level of knowledge in this area is amazing. I couldn't be more happy with her services!! I'll never waste time fumbling out of my zone of genius again. I'm going straight to her, get it done, and get back to business.

- Maggie Olsen, CEO of Maggie Lynn Creative

I absolutely love the attention to detail and the ease of knowing I'm in good hands. I highly recommend K-Mee Designs to anyone looking for their next upgrade! 


What others are saying: 

Position yourself as a thought leader  with branding that makes people think and sparks conversations.

Forge an emotional bond with your audience that makes them engage and crave interacting with your brand.

Convert curious prospects into die-hard fans with smart branding tactics.

My collaborative process

Let's discuss your current branding challenges and how a strategic approach can help you stand out and become a leader in your industry.

Create authentic branding that forges an emotional connection with your audience, driving increased engagement and sales, and leaving them craving more.

You'll experience a newfound sense of clarity and direction, as your brand message becomes a powerful tool that effortlessly connects with your audience and drives your business forward.

Brand with confidence - no stress attached.

Exchange stress for results!

Become a visionary brand in your industry

Certified Project Management Professional (PMP-Certified)

M.S. in Engineering

Google-Certified in UX Design, Ads

You deserve a stress-free branding experience that delivers results. I provide personalized attention, clear communication, and honest problem-solving with strong project management skills, so we can quickly move past any issues. Together, we'll create a personalized branding strategy that showcases your business professionally and effectively, increasing engagement and expanding your reach with my expertise in user experience design and engineering. With me by your side, you can feel confident about the future of your business. Want proof? Check out my track record: 

Proficient in SEO Strategies (UC Davis)


Transform from a scatter-brained CEO to a focused visionary by delegating your complex tasks to a highly skilled right-hand resource. As an engineer, project manager, and UX designer, I have the versatility to handle any challenge with precision and quality. Rent my services for the day and free up your mental headspace to focus on what truly matters. Services start at $2500/day.

Position yourself as the go-to choice and leader in your industry with a compelling branding and website redesign. Together, we'll build a powerful brand that engages your customers and forges a deep connection with your audience, making you a cult favorite. Packages start at $10,000.